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Tabi History

The worldwide known Japanese Tabi or “Ninja Shoes” was invented by Ishibashi Tokujiro in 1923. At that time, his company, called Japanese Tabi, which developed the concept and rubber used to make the foot wear, was sold to and became a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries Ltd. The company was based in Kurume City in Southern Fukuoka Prefecture.

From then, the popularity spread among the workers in neighboring coal mines in the region and it reached a nationwide appeal in a few years since it became the staple footwear of the industrial workers during that time.

The secret in the appeal and preference of wearing it comes from the basic fact that the bigger toe is split among the rest of the fingers which gives the wearer ample and great grip of the ground, making him more attached and giving control to his movement specially in extreme working conditions where dexterity and comfort to the wearer are both a necessity.

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Promoting a refined sense of healthy Japanese Lifestyle, Fashion and Living
Research have shown that by giving independent movement to the fingers, the feet’s blood circulation greatly improves and it is believed that because of this improved effect on the body’s inner circulation, a holistic balance of the oriental belief in “Ki” or “yin-yang” spirit is achieved mentally, giving the person a balanced state while wearing it.

It is very natural to our body to move in a way natural to being humans, having our foot fingers move as freely as possible in every step which contributes to well-balanced posture and added comfort as well coming from less strain and stress on arising from the normal footwear forms we wear.

By wearing the jika tabi or ninja shoes, you are releasing stress on your body from the base or bottom of feet which is our main grip on ground in standing and maintaining our balance when we move and it is this very important point that having a well-balanced foundation is the ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Cool History
Did you know that the during the first Boston Marathon won by a Japanese, the athlete, Shigeki Tanaka, wore a Japanese tabi?

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