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Welcome to Japonista Sole!

Konnichiwa and cordial greetings from Japan!


  As we officially welcome you to our world of Japanese Pop-cool-ture (not just pop-culture), we hope that you will continue browsing our website and offerings, bookmark us and share us with your friends and share our passion about discovering and exploring the traditional and contemporary aspects of Japan. In this advocacy, we would like to promote the cool-ness of the fantastic blend of the old and new in bringing forward new concepts and offerings to the fans and admirers of Japanese fashion in general.


We would be continually promoting new ideas and products from now and we dearly hope for your patronage and support in our efforts to share this global movement of spreading coolness and something Japanese.

While we take pride in our cultural traditions and elements from which we gather our inpiration and motivations to continually challenge new frontiers in exploring the meaning of simplicity, beauty and function.


禅 + 美 + 機能 = 和

Zen (simplicity) + Beauty + Function = Japanese Spirit

私たちの商品を通してそんな和の世界を皆様に体感してもらいたい! 楽しんでもらいたい!

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